Tips for children with anorexia

Not many parents have headaches struggling with their anorexia. The words of bullying when anorexia are not the solution, Dr. Eileen Canday - Dean of Dietary Design at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, shares some simple techniques that help maintain your child's nutrition. Will eat better.
Tips for children with anorexia

- Look for dishes that your family loves, mixed into one or two items that your child does not like. They will eat undetected.

- Divide the child's diet.

- Add an easy to eat to eat with children. Children will have to "eat race".

- Add another adult your child loves to eat the same meal.

- Do not force your child to eat.

- If your child is against food, do not yell, quietly clean up scattered food.

Talk to your child at meal times to create a fun atmosphere and make them more likely to eat.

Limit snacks and drinks between meals so children feel hungry when it comes time to eat.

- Give children a drink right after meals to avoid spoiling the child's appetite.

When a child is hungry, new foods should be given so that they are more receptive to the new taste.

- Do not substitute milk meal.

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