The secret to teaching the children of Jewish talents

With just over 13 million people, but accounting for nearly 40% of the Nobel Prize, Jews are considered the most intelligent nation in the world. One of the "secret" is to teach children to overcome difficulties, do housework, constantly ask questions ... from small.

These "know-how" were shared in a workshop on parenting methods of Jewish mothers, held in Hanoi on June 30th.
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Educator Lai Thi Hai Ly, who went directly to Israel - the country of the Jews - to learn about the method of educating children here, the way of raising children of Jewish mothers is quite special. . They give you the "love of fire" - that is, ignorance, encouragement, not just a sense of security, encircle "uterine love" as most Vietnamese mothers.

Which mother in the world also loves you, but love and show different love. Between the "cold water love" and the "love of blood" peach, the Israeli concept of cool water only quenches the thirst. "Peach blood" is the love that must be far-sighted, beneficial throughout. Life for children, training the child become bravery, really strong in the way of life.

The Jewish mother states that "a parent of 100 points is not equal to a parent of 80 points." There are three things that a mother should not do with her: No instant gratification; Not satisfying your child's requirements.

"Parents conceal 20% of their love for being rational, scientific, and artistic in teaching their children. There is an index that parents appreciate in their children is AQ - the index of overcoming difficulties, the more wealthy children need to train this index, "Hai Ly shared.

The Israeli self introduces the formula for their AQ breakthrough: 20% IQ + 80% (AQ + EQ) = 100% success. (IQ: intelligence index, EQ: emotional index). They believe that good grades mean good schools, good schools will have beautiful degrees, good degrees will have good jobs, but good jobs are different from successful careers.

The Jewish mothers always remember a motto "The donkey book", the intention to send a message to the children that: "If only read the book without applying it in life, it is just the wisdom of death. blow".

And so, the Jews consider housework to be the basic survival of the child. According to a study by the Family Education Journal in Israel, the unemployment rate for people who do not know how to do housework is 15 times higher than for home-workers, their average income is 20% lower than that of professors. Family affairs. They taught their children to do chores at home, and according to their age, two-year-olds were able to serve themselves.

"The Jewish people have the famous saying that 'parents do not work as housekeepers, but please be your mentor', say, instruct, advise, do not cover and do everything for you. Absolutely do not fall into the 421 (4 grandparents, two parents surrounding a child) because it is no different from their parents willing to be slaves and poisoned only children, "said Hai Ly. share.

Sharing this view, Meirav Eilon Shahar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel in Vietnam, said that in the world of turbulence, the education of children always need adjustment and long-term investment.

According to her, anywhere in the world, parents and teachers are always close models of children, so there is a natural, meaningful relationship between parents and children. The education of children today is more complex than before. Today's world is changing drastically and parents sometimes fail to catch up. They are more likely to have access to information, and may even be ahead of parents one step at a time. They are becoming increasingly independent and parents can not impose, but must maintain a leadership position.

She argues that no educational method can be applied to all children. She herself has three children, a 13-year-old son, an 8-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old, and can not teach children the same because each child has a different personality and cognitive ability.

But one thing in common is that all children should be respected. Parents encourage their children to develop their own ideas, which can go beyond traditional patterns, even arguing with adults. Encourage your child to ask questions to help you stay creative, flexible ... "Sometimes I regret not being able to escape my constant questions," Shahar joked. She also encourages her to participate in extracurricular activities so that she develops her own inclinations and strengths.

"Praise for the children is very necessary, when you get good marks, when you show a good friend at school ... For children, failure is also important. Let your child try something new, be reckless, let him know that not everything is successful. When you make a mistake, do not judge the child, let him learn from his own failures and find out how he or she can do the next time, "she said.

As a diplomat, having served in various countries, the children of Meirav Eilon Shahar also encountered many difficulties.

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