Simple tips to try new baby

There are many mothers always headache about eating your child. You want your baby to eat a lot, and plenty of foods to get enough nutrition from different foods because this is extremely important to the development of the baby.

But the opposite is true, just like to eat some of the food that has become familiar without refraining from trying new things, whether you have presented beautifully or have spent a lot of processing effort. Try a few tips below to improve your situation!
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1. Overcoming psychological barriers

2. Learn to accept

If your child does not like the food you have spent a lot of time doing, learn to accept it. Ask the kids if they want to try a bit. If the answer is "Yes" then great! And if the answer is "No"? Emphasize to me: "Remember, I said no, I will not be asked and I will not cook this for another week!"

Let me see how delicious and delicious you are; And definitely not for the claim, but just pretend like you "saved" a little for dinner. The big possibility is that the baby will try to find out when you are not there!

3. Principles "stone sprout

You remember the story of "kick" famous. For children, you apply this principle and give your baby a try when he or she is hungry. Let's just say that today will be just this, and children will easily accept new dishes as well as will feel this dish more delicious when hungry.

4. Start with small parts

Impatient from the adult, you will feel "shocked" in front of a bowl of rice or noodles full and lost all sense of excitement; Then the same is true for children. Instead of filling a small bowl, take a large bowl and feed your baby, see will be very little and baby will be more excited to taste.

5. Sometimes the pressure is good!

The pressure here is not to force the child to eat the type: "eat try, this dish is very delicious!" Or "must eat this new growth fast!" ... will only make her more tired and disgusted dishes mine.

If your child has siblings at the table, and his or her sister is also eating that, you pay attention to his brother and sister offline; It is likely that the baby will want to eat more to be loved by mothers, mothers compliment like brothers; And to prove that I am also an adult like his sister!

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