Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Men like "strange", polite, "sick" or want to find relief when the couple malfunction. Find out his reason to find a way to fix it.

Do not play "turn over cards".

It means that the wife is not allowed to "pick up" her husband in every situation. You need to upgrade yourself, there are always things that make her husband amazing surprise. Sometimes her husband still feel his wife still has the mystery, challenge he must find out, explore.
Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Do not play the role of "prison officer" for her husband.

Still know she needs to "hold her husband" but not in the "torture" style, tracking each step of her husband that by means of "soft tied tight".

The wife must take care of housework, take care of children, take care of the husband's house very thoughtful. These often make a husband feel guilty with his wife and self-stop the wrong behavior.

Always be your husband's trusted partner.

Men often choose a wife who they feel comfortable with, can chat and share the joy of sadness, not forced, tense. If this is done during the marriage, the wife has the right to peace of her husband's loyalty.

Warm in the couple life.

If the wife is like a "cotton", or "logs" close to the couple, he is not bored new strange. Therefore, the sisters should have the initiative or "innovation", enrich the form, the content of the "sex" so that couples are interested, interested in each other and find ways to follow the interests of together.

Regular appearance care, beauty.

If the wife gives her the right to be "smug, sleazy" when she has her husband, then that would be a bad mistake.

Men of any age are fond of the elegant beauty of women, especially the wife of her husband's closest wife. Sisters need to learn how to dress, make-up with their age, and their bodies so that their husband is surprised by the taste and feels "for the sake of his wife."

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