Turn on the eyelashes for a perfect foreplay

To perfect "love", the prelude is indispensable.
Use intense breath
Breath of fast paced, warm heart is a powerful stimulant for him, he will be extremely excited and emotional when feeling your heart beating faster, breath more warm, Let him feel your breath from the ear, the nape, the neck, the chest of his muscular chest to its effect.
Turn on the eyelashes for a perfect foreplay

He would love the way you evoke his desires with your own breath because then he knew that you were ready for him to "fight".

Slow pace
The anticipation that women desire is not a start as strong and rumbling as a storm. On the contrary, women enjoy the rhythm of pregnancy, slowly, so that the senses are awakened slowly.

Passionate kiss
A passionate, hot, passionate kiss will be filled with the force of gravity that enters the love of love. Therefore, in the beginning, you must not forget to use this "strategic weapon", do not kiss him superficially, kiss all passion but gentle, slowly lead him take part.

Best to kiss, lightly kiss his ears and kiss slowly down the neck, chin to the lips, then play with the tip of the tongue, explore explore in conjunction with the gentle stroke, slightly Breathe in a rush, so that you will feel the whole body is hot with all the desire, intense enthusiasm.

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