Effective prevention of pinkeye

Redeye is an acute disease, which is a massive onset, if treated properly and completely without any sequelae, otherwise it can cause ulcers or perforation.

Redeye, the nature of viral conjunctivitis. Adenovirus is the most common type of virus infection. The rainy season, weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) are suitable for the development of the virus, which facilitates the rapid spread of the virus and the spread of disease in the community.

Effective prevention of pinkeye

Symptoms of pink eye
When the red eye, swollen eyes, puffy eyes narrowed the narrowing of the crotch, red tears, tears flowing with eye make eyes sticky, coughing and many times blurred, feeling Very itchy and uncomfortable, just want to, rubbing eyes.

Some cases of retinal pseudomembranous retraction (pseudomonasin as a white film when turning up to see new) often take longer than other cases. When you have red eyes, you may also have symptoms such as fatigue, mild fever, sore throat, cough, and tonsils.

Usually the patient is normal, the eyesight is not reduced but if the disease is severe, the patient's eyes may be reddish, with the membranes in the eyes, bleeding under the conjunctiva ... the consequences will be greater.

The cause to the illness
The main cause of pinkeye is caused by Adenovirus or by bacteria such as strep, staph, and pneumococcus. Diseases are common in the summer to late fall, when the weather from hot sun to rain, high humidity air, when delivery season ...

At this time, the human body, especially those sensitive to weather, is prone to fatigue, weakened immune systems, and susceptible to infection. In addition, the environment is more dusty, poor hygiene, use of contaminated water, shared towels, pillows ... are also favorable conditions for disease outbreaks.

Sources of contagious diseases
Red-eyelid disease can be transmitted in direct contact with the tears and the eyes are secreted. Young children with red-eye frequently take their hands, rubbing their eyes to reduce the itching and discomfort. Then the hands contain the virus causing disease on the desk, chair or on the hands, face other children ... to infect the disease.

Doctors sometimes are also a source of contagious disease when they examine patients with pinkeye, complete non-disinfection hand carefully and placed in the eyelid examination for another patient, unknowingly causing illness.

Another source of contagious diseases is the use of face towels, bras, pots and eye drops. As recommended, eye drops should be a few centimeters from the eye. However, not everyone knows this and the wrong eye drops (small close to the eyelashes, eyelashes) as the top of the vial of infection also causes the disease to spread.

The disease can be transmitted through the air as if the virus was spread by the virus to the air. So the old man said, "Do not look at it, it's a pain in the eye" is about talking about airborne transmission, not simply seeing red eyes.

Prevention measures
The general measure is to isolate the infected person. Germs are capable of living in the environment for several days. Patients can be a source of continued infection after curing for a week. It is therefore important to cut off the two routes of transmission, direct and airborne transmission by avoiding eye contact and frequent hand washing with soap, especially after using eye drops.

Do not share towels or handkerchiefs, disposing of tissues after each use. Note that towels, towels should be washed with soap, sun exposure to kill bacteria, viruses cause disease.

Rinse mouth daily with salt water or other mouth rinses. Bring salt water into the eyes 0.9% daily.

Disinfect surfaces such as dining tables, baths, wash basins and door handles to prevent the spread of the disease.

Do not buy eye drops yourself or use other people's eye drops to make them sick. Do not make strawberry leaves, betel leaves, etc. in your eyes because they can cause more serious infections.

Do not wear contact lenses until the pinkeye has been cured. Eye makeup and the use of cosmetic creams should also avoid the eye area until the symptoms of red eye pain disappear.

The hospital is also an epidemic environment during the epidemic due to the high frequency of encounters between patients and healthy people in the hospital. Therefore, in the epidemic season should not go to the hospital when not needed and should avoid crowded places like markets, supermarkets, elevators.

So, you should prevent this red eye so as not to affect the health and work of you as well as family members

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