Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Men like "strange", polite, "sick" or want to find relief when the couple malfunction. Find out his reason to find a way to fix it.

Do not play "turn over cards".

It means that the wife is not allowed to "pick up" her husband in every situation. You need to upgrade yourself, there are always things that make her husband amazing surprise. Sometimes her husband still feel his wife still has the mystery, challenge he must find out, explore.
Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Do not play the role of "prison officer" for her husband.

Still know she needs to "hold her husband" but not in the "torture" style, tracking each step of her husband that by means of "soft tied tight".

The wife must take care of housework, take care of children, take care of the husband's house very thoughtful. These often make a husband feel guilty with his wife and self-stop the wrong behavior.

Always be your husband's trusted partner.

Men often choose a wife who they feel comfortable with, can chat and share the joy of sadness, not forced, tense. If this is done during the marriage, the wife has the right to peace of her husband's loyalty.

Warm in the couple life.

If the wife is like a "cotton", or "logs" close to the couple, he is not bored new strange. Therefore, the sisters should have the initiative or "innovation", enrich the form, the content of the "sex" so that couples are interested, interested in each other and find ways to follow the interests of together.

Regular appearance care, beauty.

If the wife gives her the right to be "smug, sleazy" when she has her husband, then that would be a bad mistake.

Men of any age are fond of the elegant beauty of women, especially the wife of her husband's closest wife. Sisters need to learn how to dress, make-up with their age, and their bodies so that their husband is surprised by the taste and feels "for the sake of his wife."
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Simple tips to try new baby

There are many mothers always headache about eating your child. You want your baby to eat a lot, and plenty of foods to get enough nutrition from different foods because this is extremely important to the development of the baby.

But the opposite is true, just like to eat some of the food that has become familiar without refraining from trying new things, whether you have presented beautifully or have spent a lot of processing effort. Try a few tips below to improve your situation!
Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

1. Overcoming psychological barriers

2. Learn to accept

If your child does not like the food you have spent a lot of time doing, learn to accept it. Ask the kids if they want to try a bit. If the answer is "Yes" then great! And if the answer is "No"? Emphasize to me: "Remember, I said no, I will not be asked and I will not cook this for another week!"

Let me see how delicious and delicious you are; And definitely not for the claim, but just pretend like you "saved" a little for dinner. The big possibility is that the baby will try to find out when you are not there!

3. Principles "stone sprout

You remember the story of "kick" famous. For children, you apply this principle and give your baby a try when he or she is hungry. Let's just say that today will be just this, and children will easily accept new dishes as well as will feel this dish more delicious when hungry.

4. Start with small parts

Impatient from the adult, you will feel "shocked" in front of a bowl of rice or noodles full and lost all sense of excitement; Then the same is true for children. Instead of filling a small bowl, take a large bowl and feed your baby, see will be very little and baby will be more excited to taste.

5. Sometimes the pressure is good!

The pressure here is not to force the child to eat the type: "eat try, this dish is very delicious!" Or "must eat this new growth fast!" ... will only make her more tired and disgusted dishes mine.

If your child has siblings at the table, and his or her sister is also eating that, you pay attention to his brother and sister offline; It is likely that the baby will want to eat more to be loved by mothers, mothers compliment like brothers; And to prove that I am also an adult like his sister!
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The secret to teaching the children of Jewish talents

With just over 13 million people, but accounting for nearly 40% of the Nobel Prize, Jews are considered the most intelligent nation in the world. One of the "secret" is to teach children to overcome difficulties, do housework, constantly ask questions ... from small.

These "know-how" were shared in a workshop on parenting methods of Jewish mothers, held in Hanoi on June 30th.
Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

Educator Lai Thi Hai Ly, who went directly to Israel - the country of the Jews - to learn about the method of educating children here, the way of raising children of Jewish mothers is quite special. . They give you the "love of fire" - that is, ignorance, encouragement, not just a sense of security, encircle "uterine love" as most Vietnamese mothers.

Which mother in the world also loves you, but love and show different love. Between the "cold water love" and the "love of blood" peach, the Israeli concept of cool water only quenches the thirst. "Peach blood" is the love that must be far-sighted, beneficial throughout. Life for children, training the child become bravery, really strong in the way of life.

The Jewish mother states that "a parent of 100 points is not equal to a parent of 80 points." There are three things that a mother should not do with her: No instant gratification; Not satisfying your child's requirements.

"Parents conceal 20% of their love for being rational, scientific, and artistic in teaching their children. There is an index that parents appreciate in their children is AQ - the index of overcoming difficulties, the more wealthy children need to train this index, "Hai Ly shared.

The Israeli self introduces the formula for their AQ breakthrough: 20% IQ + 80% (AQ + EQ) = 100% success. (IQ: intelligence index, EQ: emotional index). They believe that good grades mean good schools, good schools will have beautiful degrees, good degrees will have good jobs, but good jobs are different from successful careers.

The Jewish mothers always remember a motto "The donkey book", the intention to send a message to the children that: "If only read the book without applying it in life, it is just the wisdom of death. blow".

And so, the Jews consider housework to be the basic survival of the child. According to a study by the Family Education Journal in Israel, the unemployment rate for people who do not know how to do housework is 15 times higher than for home-workers, their average income is 20% lower than that of professors. Family affairs. They taught their children to do chores at home, and according to their age, two-year-olds were able to serve themselves.

"The Jewish people have the famous saying that 'parents do not work as housekeepers, but please be your mentor', say, instruct, advise, do not cover and do everything for you. Absolutely do not fall into the 421 (4 grandparents, two parents surrounding a child) because it is no different from their parents willing to be slaves and poisoned only children, "said Hai Ly. share.

Sharing this view, Meirav Eilon Shahar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel in Vietnam, said that in the world of turbulence, the education of children always need adjustment and long-term investment.

According to her, anywhere in the world, parents and teachers are always close models of children, so there is a natural, meaningful relationship between parents and children. The education of children today is more complex than before. Today's world is changing drastically and parents sometimes fail to catch up. They are more likely to have access to information, and may even be ahead of parents one step at a time. They are becoming increasingly independent and parents can not impose, but must maintain a leadership position.

She argues that no educational method can be applied to all children. She herself has three children, a 13-year-old son, an 8-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old, and can not teach children the same because each child has a different personality and cognitive ability.

But one thing in common is that all children should be respected. Parents encourage their children to develop their own ideas, which can go beyond traditional patterns, even arguing with adults. Encourage your child to ask questions to help you stay creative, flexible ... "Sometimes I regret not being able to escape my constant questions," Shahar joked. She also encourages her to participate in extracurricular activities so that she develops her own inclinations and strengths.

"Praise for the children is very necessary, when you get good marks, when you show a good friend at school ... For children, failure is also important. Let your child try something new, be reckless, let him know that not everything is successful. When you make a mistake, do not judge the child, let him learn from his own failures and find out how he or she can do the next time, "she said.

As a diplomat, having served in various countries, the children of Meirav Eilon Shahar also encountered many difficulties.
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The secret to teach smart children from Japan

The Japanese are known for their ability to think very highly, they are intelligent and quick to handle the work effectively. By early childhood, Japanese children were nurtured and taught to have a hard-working spirit and bonding relationship with the family.

This contributes to the economic, technical and social success of Japan. Please share with parents the tips and experiences of teaching smart children in the Japanese way using the following general methods.
Guide to effective ways to keep your husband

What do Japanese parents do for their children?

During the neonatal period, parents often give children to listen to selected music, each time for about 30 minutes and the volume is not too loud. Children in Japan are often told to listen to fairy tales and fairy tales to help create inspiration and creativity for their children.

What will the children see?

At the neonatal stage, to develop the senses, children's rooms and decorations must be colorful.

In particular, Japanese children have very little time to watch TV. Japanese parents think it will be time consuming and addictive. Japanese parents are very aware that if you watch TV too early and too much, the structure of the brain will be broken (from the television emits the cathode current generated from the voltage of 20,000 volts, affect not Good to the front lobe - the part that creates the capacity for human thinking. Japanese scientists also warned that this accumulation in the next few decades could cause white blood cell as well as increase the tendency of autism.

Teach me how?

Japanese parents think that literacy can change the function and lead to change in brain structure. So they thoroughly teach children early because when they were born, they were just small animals, but when language and literacy began to work, children became human beings. And they understand that in order for the linguistic signal to function properly, the closer a child learns to the newborn, the more effective it will be. At early age, children also play memory training games to enhance their memory later.

How are Japanese children moving?

From the moment of birth, parents have noted education about all aspects of health, movement, morals, discipline, sentiment. For children up to 2, parents have pediatric children walking regularly every day and they break the training distance into short 10m, 20m per day.

What do Japanese children eat?

Food is one of the most important factors contributing to the development of children's brain development. In Japan, parents pay close attention to the nutrients they provide from the time they are pregnant until they are born and raised. In addition to essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, Japanese mothers pay special attention to supplementation with DHA. Because DHA is essential in the early stages of a child's life to form the cerebral cortex, the gray matter and vision of the eye. Studies have shown that if mothers are pregnant during regular DHA supplementation, they have an IQ of 8 points higher than mothers who do not take DHA supplements.

In foods, fish is the most abundant source of DHA, but not any fish, providing the required DHA. Accordingly, do not eat some fish that contain mercury - it is harmful to the development of the nervous system. Some types of fish have been identified as having high levels of mercury in pregnant mothers, nursing mothers or infants less than 30 months of age should not eat swordfish, fish, siki (shark).

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Tips for children with anorexia

Not many parents have headaches struggling with their anorexia. The words of bullying when anorexia are not the solution, Dr. Eileen Canday - Dean of Dietary Design at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, shares some simple techniques that help maintain your child's nutrition. Will eat better.
Tips for children with anorexia

- Look for dishes that your family loves, mixed into one or two items that your child does not like. They will eat undetected.

- Divide the child's diet.

- Add an easy to eat to eat with children. Children will have to "eat race".

- Add another adult your child loves to eat the same meal.

- Do not force your child to eat.

- If your child is against food, do not yell, quietly clean up scattered food.

Talk to your child at meal times to create a fun atmosphere and make them more likely to eat.

Limit snacks and drinks between meals so children feel hungry when it comes time to eat.

- Give children a drink right after meals to avoid spoiling the child's appetite.

When a child is hungry, new foods should be given so that they are more receptive to the new taste.

- Do not substitute milk meal.
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Effective prevention of pinkeye

Redeye is an acute disease, which is a massive onset, if treated properly and completely without any sequelae, otherwise it can cause ulcers or perforation.

Redeye, the nature of viral conjunctivitis. Adenovirus is the most common type of virus infection. The rainy season, weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) are suitable for the development of the virus, which facilitates the rapid spread of the virus and the spread of disease in the community.

Effective prevention of pinkeye

Symptoms of pink eye
When the red eye, swollen eyes, puffy eyes narrowed the narrowing of the crotch, red tears, tears flowing with eye make eyes sticky, coughing and many times blurred, feeling Very itchy and uncomfortable, just want to, rubbing eyes.

Some cases of retinal pseudomembranous retraction (pseudomonasin as a white film when turning up to see new) often take longer than other cases. When you have red eyes, you may also have symptoms such as fatigue, mild fever, sore throat, cough, and tonsils.

Usually the patient is normal, the eyesight is not reduced but if the disease is severe, the patient's eyes may be reddish, with the membranes in the eyes, bleeding under the conjunctiva ... the consequences will be greater.

The cause to the illness
The main cause of pinkeye is caused by Adenovirus or by bacteria such as strep, staph, and pneumococcus. Diseases are common in the summer to late fall, when the weather from hot sun to rain, high humidity air, when delivery season ...

At this time, the human body, especially those sensitive to weather, is prone to fatigue, weakened immune systems, and susceptible to infection. In addition, the environment is more dusty, poor hygiene, use of contaminated water, shared towels, pillows ... are also favorable conditions for disease outbreaks.

Sources of contagious diseases
Red-eyelid disease can be transmitted in direct contact with the tears and the eyes are secreted. Young children with red-eye frequently take their hands, rubbing their eyes to reduce the itching and discomfort. Then the hands contain the virus causing disease on the desk, chair or on the hands, face other children ... to infect the disease.

Doctors sometimes are also a source of contagious disease when they examine patients with pinkeye, complete non-disinfection hand carefully and placed in the eyelid examination for another patient, unknowingly causing illness.

Another source of contagious diseases is the use of face towels, bras, pots and eye drops. As recommended, eye drops should be a few centimeters from the eye. However, not everyone knows this and the wrong eye drops (small close to the eyelashes, eyelashes) as the top of the vial of infection also causes the disease to spread.

The disease can be transmitted through the air as if the virus was spread by the virus to the air. So the old man said, "Do not look at it, it's a pain in the eye" is about talking about airborne transmission, not simply seeing red eyes.

Prevention measures
The general measure is to isolate the infected person. Germs are capable of living in the environment for several days. Patients can be a source of continued infection after curing for a week. It is therefore important to cut off the two routes of transmission, direct and airborne transmission by avoiding eye contact and frequent hand washing with soap, especially after using eye drops.

Do not share towels or handkerchiefs, disposing of tissues after each use. Note that towels, towels should be washed with soap, sun exposure to kill bacteria, viruses cause disease.

Rinse mouth daily with salt water or other mouth rinses. Bring salt water into the eyes 0.9% daily.

Disinfect surfaces such as dining tables, baths, wash basins and door handles to prevent the spread of the disease.

Do not buy eye drops yourself or use other people's eye drops to make them sick. Do not make strawberry leaves, betel leaves, etc. in your eyes because they can cause more serious infections.

Do not wear contact lenses until the pinkeye has been cured. Eye makeup and the use of cosmetic creams should also avoid the eye area until the symptoms of red eye pain disappear.

The hospital is also an epidemic environment during the epidemic due to the high frequency of encounters between patients and healthy people in the hospital. Therefore, in the epidemic season should not go to the hospital when not needed and should avoid crowded places like markets, supermarkets, elevators.

So, you should prevent this red eye so as not to affect the health and work of you as well as family members
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The simplest way to prevent hemorrhoids for office workers

Causes of hemorrhoids are usually due to standing or sitting posture, intestinal discomfort, combined diseases such as increased venous blood pressure, genital diseases.

Hemorrhoids also known as dom (folk). Hemorrhoids are formed by excessive expansion of blood vessels, veins in the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are quite common; everyone from young children, men and women or adults is at risk.
The simplest way to prevent hemorrhoids for office workers

Due to long standing or long sitting, increased intravascular pressure below the rectum is one of the culprits causing hemorrhoids. So if you work in the office you should avoid standing or sitting for a long time, active travel.

It is possible to stand 5-10 minutes after 1 hour of work and should not undergo soft pillow in the buttocks as this will increase intravenous injection. If squatting, every half hour should stand up or change position once. If you have to stand for a long time, take advantage of it as soon as possible

Common Symptoms
- Colic red blood. This is the earliest symptom and also a common symptom. At first bleeding discreetly, after blood flowing into drops or spray into the cut as chicken.

Pain in the anal area can also be painless or mild. Pain often with stasis or anal fracture.

- Swollen anal area: When there is acute or hemorrhoids hemorrhoids out, can hemorrhoids swelling large.

Leaks and itching of the anal area due to anal inflammation.

Therefore, when you see the symptoms as described above, you need an anesthesia - rectum or foreign gastrointestinal to get accurate information about the disease and have appropriate treatment.

Causes of the disease are caused by standing or sitting posture, intestinal disturbances (constipation, diarrhea, mastalgia), family diseases, combined diseases such as increased intravenous Hemorrhoids, genitourinary, urological, or hormonal changes according to the female reproductive cycle, such as pregnancy, childbirth or premenstrual cycle.

Among them, constipation is the most common cause of hemorrhoids and also bring about the most nuisance affecting the quality of life of patients.

Therefore, for patients who do not have disease or patients who have treated hemorrhoids, need to take measures to prevent hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids recurrence in very simple ways:

Eat high fiber foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will make it easier to soften and defecate, which can reduce the pressure that can cause hemorrhoids.

Drink plenty of water, you should drink over 1.5 liters of water a day, limit spicy and hot foods such as alcohol, coffee, chili, pepper to avoid constipation and vascular failure.

Try fiber supplements. If you are taking a dietary fiber supplement, be sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or other fluid every day. On the other hand, fiber supplements can cause constipation or make the constipation worse. Slowly add fiber to your diet to avoid vaporization.

Practice. Exercise reduces the pressure on the vein, which can appear when standing or sitting for a long time, and helps prevent constipation. Exercise can also help reduce excess weight. Exercise your body daily for about 30 minutes, such as walking, swimming, etc. Avoid standing, sitting or squatting.

Avoid standing or sitting for too long should not stress. Stress and hold your breath as the bowel increases the pressure on the vein at the end of the rectum.

Set daily routines by rubbing your belly by the colon within a certain hour. You should defecate as soon as the feeling of wanting to bow. And sanitize with warm water or after each bowel movement.

To avoid the hemorrhoids that office workers often encounter, you apply these simple measures to avoid hemorrhoids uncomfortable and inconvenient as well as greatly affect life and activities, Your daily routine!
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The most simple and early way to identify liver cancer

Patients with liver cancer can suffer from stomach pain as an early warning symptom of the disease. Affected patients may become abnormal nausea and may begin to vomit, anorexia.

The liver is an organ that helps digest food and remove toxins from the body. According to the assessment, liver cancer is a dangerous disease, leading to death in cancer. Therefore, for early detection and treatment promptly, you need to pay attention to the early signs, early warning of the risk of liver cancer.
The most simple and early way to identify liver cancer

The development of cancerous cells starting in the liver is called primary liver cancer. These types of cancer are named for the place where they begin.

We can identify the signs of liver cancer simply by the following symptoms:

Dark urine
When liver function is impaired, bilirubin levels in the blood increase, leading to darkening of the urine: dark yellow or brown. In this case, you should go to the hospital immediately, as this may be the initial symptom of liver cancer.

Stomach disorder
Patients with liver cancer can suffer from stomach pain as an early warning symptom of the disease. Affected patients may become abnormal nausea and may begin to vomit, anorexia. Symptoms of stomach disorders may contribute to a decreased appetite in some patients, which can lead to unwanted weight loss.

When the liver is enlarged and functional impairment can lead to abdominal pain. In case you have abdominal pain along with enlarged liver, you are more likely to have liver disease, including cancer.

Itching can be treated as an early symptom of liver cancer. This occurs mainly due to decreased liver function, which results in an increase in the amount of bilirubin in the blood, which is the itching agent of the skin.

If you feel persistent, persistent fatigue, accompanied by any other symptoms associated with impaired liver function, you may be at risk for liver cancer. Because persistent fatigue is a common symptom in patients with liver cancer.

Nausea and vomiting
If you often have nausea or vomiting for unknown reasons, check your health to determine if you have liver function impairment. Because nausea and vomiting due to impaired liver function are often considered early warning signs of liver cancer.

Flu-like symptoms
Flu-like symptoms can produce early symptoms of liver cancer in certain patients. Affected patients may have fever, muscle weakness, excessive fatigue or anorexia, explained from medical experts at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Febrile symptoms can also cause headaches, chills or sweating in affected patients. Flu-like symptoms may be a sign of an alternate infection and the affected patient should consult a physician for further care.

Weight loss
The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of the body. Hence, when liver function is impaired, it can lead to weight loss. This can be considered as one of the most important symptoms warning the risk of early stage liver cancer.

Jaundice is not a disease, but it is a sign of impaired liver function. As liver function deteriorates, it raises the risk of hyperbilirubinemia, which results in jaundice. As a result, jaundice is often seen as one of the first signs of liver cancer.

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Turn on the eyelashes for a perfect foreplay

To perfect "love", the prelude is indispensable.
Use intense breath
Breath of fast paced, warm heart is a powerful stimulant for him, he will be extremely excited and emotional when feeling your heart beating faster, breath more warm, Let him feel your breath from the ear, the nape, the neck, the chest of his muscular chest to its effect.
Turn on the eyelashes for a perfect foreplay

He would love the way you evoke his desires with your own breath because then he knew that you were ready for him to "fight".

Slow pace
The anticipation that women desire is not a start as strong and rumbling as a storm. On the contrary, women enjoy the rhythm of pregnancy, slowly, so that the senses are awakened slowly.

Passionate kiss
A passionate, hot, passionate kiss will be filled with the force of gravity that enters the love of love. Therefore, in the beginning, you must not forget to use this "strategic weapon", do not kiss him superficially, kiss all passion but gentle, slowly lead him take part.

Best to kiss, lightly kiss his ears and kiss slowly down the neck, chin to the lips, then play with the tip of the tongue, explore explore in conjunction with the gentle stroke, slightly Breathe in a rush, so that you will feel the whole body is hot with all the desire, intense enthusiasm.
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Tips for bad foot stools due to excessive socks in winter

Regular footwear in the winter can make your feet smell bad. Here are some simple tips for stinking feet.

1. Tea
Sweating causes clog pores. Acid content in tea reduces sweat, helps clear pores. Very simple, you boil water with two tea bags in about 15 minutes. Then, you mix warm water to soak for about half an hour.
Tips for bad foot stools due to excessive socks in winter

Be persistent every day for 2 weeks, you will feel the results brought.

2. Salt water
Salt water also helps to treat foot odor due to quite effective socks. Salt absorbs moisture under the soles of the feet, which in turn reduces the age of odor-causing bacteria. You can soak in salt water for 30 minutes a day, repeat regularly 2 weeks continuously to reduce the odor of the legs.

3. Lavender essential oil
You should massage with essential oil before going to sleep, or can mix a little with warm water to soak each day. Not only help massage foot massage to improve blood circulation, but also use borage oil to kill bacteria. Lavender essential oil has a pleasant odor, which also helps to sleep well, creating an odor that overwhelms the smell of sweaty feet.

Corn starch
This is considered an ineffective remedy. Just using cornflour on your feet before going out will help keep your feet dry, wet, and irritating.

5. Cotton socks
Cotton material is hygroscopic, keeps your feet in a well ventilated and dry state. Always use cotton socks instead of nylon socks as the top rule for stinking feet.

Use fresh betel leaves
Use a small handful of freshly baked betel leaves on your feet after having cleaned your feet for 30 minutes, then rinse them off with lukewarm water for 10 days. The bad odors will not make you uncomfortable.

7. Wear looser shoes
Do you find it hard to believe that picking loofah for shoe lining? No problem, you should know that loofah is also used as a dishwasher very clean, and good because the loofah is very absorbent, so the use of natural loafers with loofah Very good sweat absorption from which deodorant is very effective.

8. Use of alum
In alum with aluminum sulphate is a very good deodorant, you can rub alum into powder, rub on the soles of the feet for 10 minutes. Repeat for about 3-4 days. Your feet will not be subject to perspiration. This way will help you "get rid of" foul odor in the period from 7-8 months.

9. Use fresh lemon
Lemon has a high acid content, which helps to clean the sweat of the feet, and the aroma of lemon also helps to soothe the bad odors caused by sweaty feet. After washing your feet clean, use lime juice on your feet, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water, and do it daily to keep your feet dry and reduce bad breath. bear.

Water and soda
Adding soda to the water to wash your feet also with soap will work to remove bad foot odor effectively. Soda water will not reduce sweat, but it can cure bad breath emits.
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